Pop Bottle Rockets

This go ’round in tech, we made pop bottle rockets.  Pop bottle rockets are a two-liter pop bottle with cardboard fins taped to the side and a nose cone made of constructin paper.  Then, you fill the bottle with water however full you would like, and then you put the bottle onto a launcher.  Someone pressurizes it with compressed air.  It is launched, and we were graded by how long it took our rocket to reach its maximum height.  My rocket reached its maximun height in two seconds, which is decent.  The only thing I would do different would be to add something into the nose cone to make sure that my pop bottle rocket is top heave, making it fly better.


Cullin and Ryan

Urban Plunge

This weekend, my Youth group is going to do the Urban Plunge.  The Urban plunge is this Friday-Sunday, and it entails two or three days of mission work for the West Michigian Presbytery, and then on Sunday we go to Their church’s service. 

The Youth Group at John Knox is quite small, only 10 people.  of them, about four are going, including myself.  I look forward to mission work, because I believe that Jesus did so much work for us, that I should try to repay him, no matter how small that payment is.  “Such a tiny offering, compared to Calvary.  Nevertheless, we lay it at you feet.”  MercyMe sang that line, and it is so true, for everyone.  I can’t wait for this Friday!

Lego Robotics

Marble, Harrison and I were assigned to a a group for the Lego Robotics project.  They did most of the programing and half of the building, I answered the assigned questions.  That system worked out to half measure, since they required some help in the testing part of their programing.  We got all done with about ONE WEEK to spare, so then we got assigned to do a project of our own.  The hardest thing about this project was getting my partners to do their share about 10% of the time, but they are great workers.  

Although I only did the questions, this was still beneficial; One, I did not have to do this all on my own, and two, I learned how to better configure the robot’s programing.  If this could be done again, I would do more of the programing and more complex programs

My partners, Marble, Harrison, and I did a Lego Robotics project.  After we got done with the initial assignment, our facilitator told us to work on a project of our choice.  The first attempt was unsuccessful.  Then, Marble came up with the idea with a robot to erase a dark line on a whiteboard.  To do this, we use the simple “follow the guidelines program.”  For our first few attempts, we could not get it to erase the line properly.  Then, Harrison came up with his best idea yet.  “Use the other motor to erase the line.”  Perfect!  Now, how do you get the motor connected and use it in an efficient way?  We tried leaving it unattached, but that did not work.  Then, I got an idea.  Put two spare big wheels on the motor, then attach a tissue to one of the wheels.  After a little brainstorming, we attached the motor cord to port A and the motor to the framework, and it was even better than we thought! Almost all of the black line was erased in the end.  Hopefully, I will be able to get a video of our robot in action later on. lego robot.

About my pastimes

My pastime is usually playing computer games, and I have gotten good at the games I play.  My favorite is Unreal Tournament 2003.  It is too violent for my parents liking,  so I can only play it at my uncle’s.  I got good playing it for just three days, so I look forward to going over there again.  All my other games are RTS, which stands for Real Time Strategy.  My favorites are the Command and Conquer games, the King of RTS games.   I have all the C&C games except ONE, and that is the new one:  Red Alert 2.  Of all the units, good and bad, my favorite is the USA Aircraft General King Raptor jet fighter unit.  When you add the countermeasures upgrade, which allows all aircraft units to doge 50% of he missiles thrown at them, combind  that with their anti-missile laser, the only same that can actually hit them is bullets from Gatling tanks, cannons, and Quad cannons.  Sounds violent, bit there is no blood, gore, or anything disgusting.  Basically, I am a gamer.  No better word to describe it, but that is what I am.  Hopefully, I will be able ot play Alliance of Valliant Arms at home soon.